Tweetbot 3 for iPhone

When Apple announced iOS 7 back in June at WWDC 2013 Tweetbot fans were excited to see what the Tapbots developers had planned, but as the iOS 7 launch day arrived there was still no update in sight. After 4 months of hard work Tapbots answered with Tweetbot 3 for iPhone, a full-featured Twitter app re-designed from the ground up for iOS 7, priced at $2.991.
Tweetbot 3 has been re-imagined for iOS 7 and feels right at home thanks to its integration of icon outlines, the Helvetica Neue font, and circular avatars. With all Tapbots apps the amount of detail the developers have put in is clear with each perfectly placed pixel.

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  1. Tweetbot 3 on sale at $2.99 for a limited time, regular price of $4.99. []