VIDinc 2013

YouTube has come a long way since the day I first stumbled upon it. My first favourited video when YouTube launched in 2005 was of a pair of Korean girls that appeared on a Korean game show for laughs (aptly titled korean madness). Back then I had to sit at the desktop while lo-res YouTube videos slowly—and I mean slowly—loaded on our 33.6kbps dial-up modem connection. I know…we were behind. It slowly became a central hub for all the viral email chain videos going around (do these still exist?) and channels began to emerge for content-creators to get their message out there.

Today, we stream HD content across multiple devices within a single household or even on the go. There are now millions of channels that we can subscribe to for content on any particular topic or genre. Artists and comedians have been able to use avenues like YouTube to amass a huge following, catapulting them into Internet stardom. Businesses have discovered that avenues like YouTube can raise brand awareness.

YouTube sensations from across the globe and digital marketing experts were gathered for one day of madness on 18 August 2013: Boom Video presents VIDinc.

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