A bit of downtime

It’s been a busy lead up to the 2016 end of financial year. I’ve had the opportunity to fly over to our head office in Perth to meet the rest of my team and strategise for 2017, then flown across the water to Auckland, New Zealand to tidy up some 2016 tasks. The funny part is I didn’t realise that Auckland was treading into international territory, as the flight is shorter than it is to Perth – meaning I didn’t prepare any foreign currency or telecommunication plans! Thankfully, the company wears the expenses, but I’ll definitely be ready for future travel.

Besides the local cuisines and friendly hospitality, I didn’t get a chance to explore Perth or Auckland too much while I was there. The routine everyday was basically: Work. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat. And boy, did that take its toll on the body!

Back in Sydney I’ve tried to get out and about when there’s been some downtime. Exploring Perth and Auckland will have to wait until next time.

Cathedral of Light, Vivid Sydney 2016

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B.Pharm 2015 Graduation @ USyd

It’s an amazing feeling when the examiner yells, “TIME’S UP, PENS DOWN!”, and you’re ready for the school semester break to begin. It’s an even better feeling when you realise there aren’t any more semesters ahead, nodding to your nearest neighbour in acknowledgement that soon it’ll be time to don your graduation gown and walk on stage.

G-Day arrived for Malisa on Friday, 6th March to step onto the stage, after completing her Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. It was a beautiful Friday morning graduation, in contrast to the awful weather Sydney’s been experiencing this past week (#sydneystorm). It was the perfect occasion to dust off the old photography gear—actually I’ve sold all of my SLR gear except for the 24-70mm f/2.8L so I had to borrow a Canon body from a mate—and get some happy snaps.


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1 Second Everyday

What if you could choose 1 second out of everyday to remember it by—which second would you choose?

This is where 1 Second Everyday (1SE), a project by Cesar Kuriyama, comes into play.

For over 2 years, I’ve been recording 1 second every day, so I’ll never forget another day ever again. This project has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life, that I’ve passionately developed an App that will make it extraordinarily easy for anyone to do this too.
— Cesar Kuriyama

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