About Me


Hi. My name is Andrew Trinh. I am an auditor at AHG and sometimes an imaginary athlete at UTS Sport. My passion is fitness, technology, and lifestyle. Challenge accepted!

Being efficient is key to my life and I like to live by the saying: work smarter, not harder. We can all be time-poor, more often than we’d like to admit, and that’s why I endeavour to achieve efficiency in all of my daily activities.

I have a keen eye for detail and this can make me seem like an extreme perfectionist at times — so make sure you get those pixels in order.

With these attributes I believe I can uncover ‘life hacks’ to let the time-poor do what they need to do. Better.

I can be found in Sydney, Australia, but dream to be a future globetrotter and experience the rich cultures the world has to offer.

My childhood can be summed up by a mate, and partly still rings true.

Andrew may look fierce, but under the constantly evolving hair lies hidden intelligence, smart-arse wit, and a surprisingly soft heart.

Andrew’s hobbies include running his own mafia circle between friends, racing turtles, trying everything (and anything) once, and finally escaping house arrest.

And just quietly — statistics and trends get me excited.

Where am I?

Have you got something to say to me? I’d love to hear from you so leave a message below!