B.Pharm 2015 Graduation @ USyd

It’s an amazing feeling when the examiner yells, “TIME’S UP, PENS DOWN!”, and you’re ready for the school semester break to begin. It’s an even better feeling when you realise there aren’t any more semesters ahead, nodding to your nearest neighbour in acknowledgement that soon it’ll be time to don your graduation gown and walk on stage.

G-Day arrived for Malisa on Friday, 6th March to step onto the stage, after completing her Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. It was a beautiful Friday morning graduation, in contrast to the awful weather Sydney’s been experiencing this past week (#sydneystorm). It was the perfect occasion to dust off the old photography gear—actually I’ve sold all of my SLR gear except for the 24-70mm f/2.8L so I had to borrow a Canon body from a mate—and get some happy snaps.


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