1 Second Everyday

What if you could choose 1 second out of everyday to remember it by—which second would you choose?

This is where 1 Second Everyday (1SE), a project by Cesar Kuriyama, comes into play.

For over 2 years, I’ve been recording 1 second every day, so I’ll never forget another day ever again. This project has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life, that I’ve passionately developed an App that will make it extraordinarily easy for anyone to do this too.
— Cesar Kuriyama

It was a journey that started in 2011 with Kuriyama turning 30 years old and quitting his job to pursue everything he never had time for. One of these pursuits involved documenting his life 1 second at a time and it grew into something worth sharing—from TED talks to launching a Kickstarter campaign allowing him to fundraise and complete app development.

By 10 January 2013 the 1SE app went live on the iOS App Store and I managed to grab my hands on it. It felt like I stumbled on some amazing project and I was never going to forget the rest of my life! The most recurring comment about 1SE was that everyone highlighted their repetitive days stating that it would be day after day of computer screens or sitting in the office. I took it more as a challenge, similar to Project 365, and sought out to make the most of my days and to highlight the little details. It’s these little details that help me recall the good, the bad, and even the boring memories by revisiting these single seconds.

The app basically makes documenting your 1 second everyday a breeze. It loads up everything you’ve recorded and lets you snip the exact second you want to add to your 1SE timeline. It even lets you keep multiple concurrent timelines in case you want one for yourself, your newborn child, or even your favourite sporting team/celebrity. Initially, it’s been a pretty buggy app, but nothing I haven’t been able to work around. Each update has created a more stable copy of the app with the latest update allowing you to refresh all thumbnails in case your timeline has corrupted.

I’ve pretty much documented everything—missed 2 days…no!—since app launch to present day and while you can only pick 1 second out of the 86,400 seconds a day, I’ve decided to keep a record of all my videos (used and unused) in Dropbox in case I ever want to revisit them. It consumes quite a bit of storage space with the app itself now up to 855MB on my iPhone with roughly 7 months worth of 1 seconds!

But in the end it’s all worth it because nothing is more priceless than being able to relive everyday of your life from just a flashback of a single split second.

You can check out my continuously updated timeline over at my YouTube playlist and start your own timeline with the iOS app ($0.99) or the newly launched Android app ($0.99/Free trial).

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